Winter Skincare & the Bee's Knees

Although winter in its freezing glory has not fully set in, cabin fever still hits me hard.  My windows and doors are shuttered, I can't go barefoot, I wear numerous layers of clothing and I'm unable to fuss in the garden or restore antiques in the garage.  What to do?  Well, being an intelligent woman (and after numerous winters alone in the woods) I understood that I would have to become adept at entertaining myself to remain socially acceptable and not go into town and "talk in tongues" to strangers.  (Oh yes, there have been many winters that I’ve said bizarre things to strangers just so they would look me in the eye and converse with me).  Normally I hate when I embarrass myself; come winter I don't care.  Well, most times I don't care.  There have been times when "one look in the eye" told me it was time to go home and steady myself.  What to do once I hit home?  Work with plant material and formulate skincare.  Grace … My recent cabin fever resulted in a beauty. If you live in cold climates, ski, go sledding, ice skate or expose yourself to harsh sun or cold, this is a wonderful remedy for protecting and deeply nourishing the skin. The formula in question is "Coconut Hair Cream" - crafted with oils, butters and Bee's wax (which leave residue on my implements, resulting in a messy clean up).  Thanks to cabin fever I nailed the clean-up and discovered a gem.  Before sterilizing my equipment I wiped the residue from my implements with a damp, cotton wash cloth which became imbued with the residue of these luscious ingredients.  As it was also very cold outside - face hurting cold - I placed the wash cloth in hot water and compressed my face with the residue.  I did this a few times and the results were stunning.  (Bee's wax locks in moisture, protects the skin, and leaves the skin with a "dewy" complexion). It was difficult to stop compressing.  After a few moments my complexion was left with a slight sheen (protection) and my skin was soft, plump and radiant. Suggestions for use: take a dollop of Coconut Hair Cream and spread it onto a damp, hot wash cloth.  Fold the cloth around the cream, run under hot water and "squish" the cloth to release the essences, making sure the cream has penetrated the cloth.  Compress your face a few times (repeat running the cloth under hot water before each compress) and then "go face the cold".  Another method for use: this cream may also be applied directly to the skin after cleansing while the pores are open.  It's a wonderful ally for winter's chapped, exposed skin. Note: You may be wondering "hair cream on my face"?  If so, remember that all of my formulas are multi-faceted and can be used anywhere.  I work only with pure botanical ingredients that are beneficial for the hair, skin and spirit. Last note: As I am as obsessive about my implements as I am about my ingredients, most wash-cloths (for me) are too thick / absorb too much.  Some are too thin / don't hold the essence.  I purchase my wash-cloths in auto-parts stores (rags / cleaning section).  They're 100% white cotton (no dye), perfect weight, inexpensive. Warm winter blessings,

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