Sweet Coco Moisturizer / Autumn Special

As the weather turns cooler my favorite moisturizer is "Sweet Coco" - a velvety smooth formula rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that help reduce dryness and improve skin elasticity.  Oh, I love the scent.  I also love that bee's wax, a key ingredient, locks in moisture and protects my skin from dry, cold weather. To celebrate cool weather "Sweet Coco Moisturizer" will be offered at the discounted price of $20.00 for the next 30/days.  http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/bath-body/moisturizers Organic ingredients: Cacao Butter; Shea Nut Butter; Bee’s Wax; Unrefined Peanut and Sesame Oil; Avocado Oil; Extra Virgin Olive Oil; essential oils of Vietnamese Cinnamon and Ginger, and Indonesian Nutmeg. The scent is warm and delicious ... Stay warm and cozy, Elise, Proprietor / Artisan

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