Pet Shampoo

This one’s for Otis, our family’s beloved Golden Retriever.  Being a country dog, Otis accompanies me on walks through woods, meadows and numerous swims in the creek. Unquestionably, due to our soirees’ Otis stinks.  (I’m told Golden Retrievers have a “double coat” which gives Otis a “double stink”).  Although I adore Otis, the cost of using my organic shampoo was becoming costly as well as ineffective.  I realized something else was needed and researched “home remedies / dog shampoo” and found this beauty:

Recipe: Mix equal parts of pure Castile Soap with Vinegar.  That’s it, done deal.

As always, I experiment with a formula before touting its benefits.  Today I washed Otis with Mrs. Myer’s (Geranium scent) and equal parts vinegar.  After bathing Otis, his coat was fluffy and although he had no “stank”, he began prancing about like a Poodle.  My brother (who Otis actually “belongs” to) will not tolerate his dog “prancing like a Poodle”.  Of this I am certain.  Although the recipe worked well, Geranium is not for Otis.  Next batch will be Sage … Added note: usually after bathing Otis he sheds quite a bit and I have to brush him for a few days to rid his coat of its shedding.  After bathing with this vinegar blend, Otis barely shed. If anyone reading this has used Mountain Spirit Botanicals “Cedar Hair Tonic” then you understand the benefits of using vinegar in your hair care regime.

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan    and    Otis, Beloved Companion / Partner in Fun

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