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We’ve Been Informed Yet Remain Complacent

A few months ago the media was filled with “The Global Summit Meetings” and our Climate crisis.  Unfortunately, this is not news.  Since the “Summit Meetings” we’ve experienced massive earthquakes around the globe, volcanoes’ erupting, tornadoes, and the continued devastation of our Indigenous people and their Ancestral lands.  Our Natural World is erupting because of our actions. For decades we've been advised of “the coming catastrophe” and what "World Leaders" are not doing, as well as what we’re doing to speed up the catastrophe.   Not much has changed.  We’re unwilling to adjust our actions; we live in “a state of denial” hoping this mess will go away; we find excuses to blame world leaders for our complacency; we’ve continued to support industries and practices that harm us, and our world, so why are we surprised that our world is melting?  We gave our power and intelligence away.  That was their intent … I often wonder when will we accept responsibility and realize that “we are the world”.   It is our actions, as well as our inactions, that have caused this catastrophe.  (A multi-billion dollar polluting industry would not be in business if we didn’t support their products and practices).  We’ve enabled them yet we shift our responsibility to “the powers that be” in the hopes that they will somehow “fix the mess” that we’ve created.    That ‘aint ‘gonna happen … In our lifetime we’ve had illuminating leaders who have pointed us in a right and sustainable direction.  Unfortunately, we haven’t paid attention. We’ve chosen “the easy road” and a way of life that serves us, instead of all people- and with that mindset it’s no wonder that our world is melting. Although the list is endless, here is a small fraction of the wisdom and humanity that we’ve ignored: The Chemical Industry: Over 40 years ago Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” and revealed “the indiscriminate and widespread use of poisonous chemicals” –  “placing poisons on the surface of the earth, making it unfit for all life” – “a power to alter and destroy nature and all life, that should not be called insecticides but biocides.” Ms. Carson revealed what was occurring yet we continue to purchase tons of chemicals each year that go onto our lawns, our gardens, down our drains, into our groundwater.  We were well informed about a “Silent Spring” and did nothing to alter the course. Fact: We’ve lost 50% of our Songbirds due to pesticides.  One example:  Birds migrate to South America (Coffee plantations) - Coffee is a “heavily sprayed” crop – birds eat seeds & berries - die from ingesting pesticides.   Question: What are we doing to change this?  Do we buy “Fair Trade, Sustainable and Organic Coffee” (practices that ensure everyone wins / everything stays alive) or do we support Starbucks, WalMart, McDonald’s (or whatever else is “cheap” at the local store)?  Our Bees are in distress (pesticides) our fish are unsafe to eat (chemicals in our groundwater) as are “Factory Farmed” Beef, Pork and Poultry.  We can’t drink our water and our air is polluted.   Fact: When Ms. Carson’s work was published the Chemical industry lobbied against her findings (they also lobbied to label her “a quack”). Today, they’re still lobbying against anyone or anything that goes against the widespread use of chemicals.  (They were “front row center” at The Global Summit meetings).  Who’s the quack? If we look back to an earlier time, a time before chemicals, our gardens, farmlands and wildlife were abundant and our water was pure.   We were informed; we had the choice of “abundance and purity” or “chemically laced everything.”   We are now living in a time where our choices are obvious.  Painfully so.  With that said, I find it odd that when I speak of “Organic” today, the first words someone will utter is “it’s expensive.”   Although I disagree with that (I believe Global Warming, exploitation, and extinction are more expensive), the Corporate Farming and Chemical Industry (they’re aligned) lobby hard to convince us that the wide-spread use of chemicals, and Genetically Modified “food crops” (laced with God only know what), are the cheapest and best way to go.  We now see where their “massive lobbying efforts” have brought us, so why are we complacent?  Do we support Organic farmers, local business, and sustainable practices or the Chemical Industry? Your choice / your responsibility. Another example of the wisdom we’ve received is Gandhi.  Perhaps one of Gandhi’s most notable expressions is “be the change you want to see in the world.”  Are we enacting the change that we want to see in the world?  Gandhi exemplified “when a people come together they can change the world.”  Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela revealed the same.  Michael Moore showed us the destruction that WalMart causes (yet WalMart continues to be a “booming” business).  People who shop at Wall Mart tell me “it’s cheap.”  Yes it is - in all ways.  They enslave people in distant lands, intentionally destroy the economic integrity of local communities, their garments are inferior, and their “food products” are laced with chemicals that harm your children as well as our lands.  I’d say shopping at Wall Mart is quite expensive.   Moving on, John Lennon gave us “Imagine,” Willy Nelson brought “Farm Aide” to our collective consciousness, Barbara Kingsolver brought us “supporting local economy (vs.) made in China”; the “Slow Food” movement revealed the destructive practices of the “Fast Food Industry” (which destroys Rain Forests, Indigenous Cultures & family values).  Our list of role models is endless, yet the choices we’ve made are obvious as we watch our world melt.  What will it take for us to be accountable?  Is it not enough that our Bears are drowning, our Ice Cap is melting, Volcanoes’ are erupting, earthquakes are killing thousands of people, cultures are being destroyed, forests are clear cut and we can’t drink our water, breathe our air, or eat our fish and wildlife?  Our actions have caused our annihilation.  The damage is not in the hands of our world leaders, it’s in ours.  We are the world. Every choice that we make has positive or negative ramifications.   As one example of us coming together and altering the devastation of our Natural world, I often think (thank you Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., President Jimmy Carter,) "what would happen to the price of gas (and emissions) if we all decided to not drive our cars for one week per month"?  Yes, it might sound crazy, but if you think about it, it’s do-able.  We walk, take the bus, car-pool, or ride a bike.  We take control, we take responsibilityWe fix the problems that we’ve created.  (Remember the enormous change that occurred in the 60’s, when people, inspired by Rosa Parks, stopped riding the bus)?  Yes, we may be slightly inconvenienced, but our “inconvenience” is slight compared to New Orleans going underwater or an Indigenous culture being annihilated.  If we came together collectively, rest assured, Gas prices (and emissions) would plummet.  We would be in control.  We might even establish what we want to pay for gas as well as ensuring the purity of our water and our wildlife.  (If we don’t want “off-shore drilling and oil spills in our oceans”, take responsibility and be accountable).  In being accountable, we may even be able to stop “Global Warming” by altering our simple, daily acts.  We control environmental damage - it’s up to us to “be the change we want to see in the world.”  As a side note, if you would like to see what our choices and our consumptions have had on an innocent, Indigenous people – please see the movie, “Crude - The True Price of Oil”.  This movie will also reveal how deeply uncaring, and inhumane, the Chemical and Oil Industries are.  If, after watching this movie, we are not moved to adjust one of our daily actions, as well as taking action against this inhumanity, then I believe “as a people” we are lost.  The Chemical Industry and World leaders will not protect us, or our Natural world.  It is up to us “to be the change we want to see in the world.” Please note: Although it may appear that I am only addressing “the Chemical and Corporate Farming Industries” in this article, my intent is to make us aware that our actions and our choices have a “far reaching affect” (other than what these industries present).  My brother often quotes, “think twice / cut once.”  I am asking that you consider “think twice” before purchasing.  Are you supporting “made in the USA or China”?  (Doesn’t China want to kill us)?  Do your purchases support your local economy?  If not, why are you outraged about the increase in your taxes, plummeting land values, loss of local economy ?  Are you supporting your local farmer or purchasing “food” sold at WalMart that is shipped in, loaded with chemicals, and uses “air transport / diesel fuel” that destroys our Natural world?  Think twice.  Are you having your groceries bagged in plastic?  Plastic that kills our Marine life?  Are you still buying “water” packaged in plastic bottles?  Remember, “Water” is a natural resource; it’s free, belongs to “the people” – why are you buying it / not demanding that our water remain pure?  The clothes that you purchase, where are they from?  Are the people who made them treated fairly, or are they “enslaved”?  Do you consider these factors when you purchase or even care?  Long ago I received a valuable lesson while trying to procure an ingredient for “a good price.”  The distributor told me, point blank, “if you’re getting a deal, someone down the line is not getting a good deal.”  Do I want a “good deal” when someone, in a far and distant land, is being paid $1.00 per day for their efforts?  Absolutely not.  Think twice before cutting. Imagine for a moment what our world would be like if “Organic farmers, companies who deal only in Fair Trade agreements and companies who strive to become zero waste” were the multi-billion dollar industries instead of the Chemical Industry?  If we supported ethical companies, I believe we could create, as Louie Armstrong once sang to us, “What a Beautiful Word.” I believe we can accomplish this, if we came together as “a people”. Imagine that … Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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