New Product: Rose Hip Moisturizer

I'm excited to introduce my new formula “Rose Hip Moisturizer”, composed of organic flowers & their fruits that I consider outstanding in nutritional value.  The following  reveals the beauty of rose and her “hips” ...

“Rose Hips are the fruit of Roses and develop after the Rose drops its petals.  Rose Hips contain more vitamin C than any known natural source and also contain bioflavonoids, a companion nutrient to vitamin C and essential for the absorption of vitamin C.  The combination of these nutrients benefit collagen production and overall skin health”.   - Dr. Paavo Aireola, Ph.D., N.D.

Note: Rose Hips contain many nutrients other than those listed above; however, they are so abundant (calcium, iron, vitamin A, etc.) it would take a page to reveal Miss Hip's beauty or detail how she increases the strength of capillaries, delivers oxygen to the tissues and supports collagen production.  Trust me on this, she's a beauty!  

Click here to preorder today, ships 2/1


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