Facial Cleansing with Soap

A customer recently inquired “When I use your Lemon Twist twice a day I'm so happy I'm not using soap.  Might you want to explain--yet again--why using soap to wash your face may not be the best option”? Considering other women may have a similar question, I decided to respond to Marie's question with a general newsletter. My opinion on cleansing with soap is women are encouraged to be "squeaky clean" which soap accomplishes; unfortunately, "squeaky clean" is usually the skin stripped of its protective mantle causing "all hell to break out" as the skin tries to balance and protect itself by becoming either overly oily or extremely dry and sensitive.  If this occurs with your complexion, please read the ingredients that you're using and consider a possible alternative.  If you prefer cleansing with soap, I suggest one comprised of pure, natural ingredients - ingredients clearly stated and understood.  (I say this because customers requesting products to alleviate their "problem skin" it is most often not their skin that is a problem, but harmful products that create skin problems). I believe the reason Marie is happy with "Lemon Twist Facial Scrub" is the plant material comprising it is rich in vitamins and minerals which soften and nourish the skin; the exfoliating properties of organic sugar ensures dead skin cells don't clog the pores ~ as well as polishing and refining delicate facial skin. Although I'm aware of articles that warn against facial scrubbing, I believe this is true when harsh, synthetic ingredients are used.  (Overly rough scrubbing combined with poor quality ingredients will most certainly damage anyone's skin).  As I often write, "read ingredients, know your source, use good judgement". Here's an "old time remedy" for cleansing facial skin: place a bit of Olive Oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe your face with it.  Notice what remains on the cotton by simply cleansing with a pure plant ingredient. Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/facial-care/steams-cleansers

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